Election program parliamentary group BüBüGrü Ilmenau

Giving the FUTURE a strong voice, lively places – focus on young people!

  • We want children and young people to be able to go out once a month in the evening in a safe environment by the beginning of 2025. The event should be affordable and accessible via a shuttle bus, even from outside the town. In our view, it would be beneficial to cooperate with the surrounding neighboring communities.
  • From 2025, we want to offer a city question time specifically for children and young people and improve access to club and leisure activities in order to take the needs of the younger generation seriously.
  • We want to create a covered, safe and self-designed meeting place for young people in each residential area and district by 2027.

TOGETHER committed to Ilmenau: Join us in making the best of it!

  • By 2025, we would like to see broad participation by citizens and various interest groups in all of the city’s important decisions. We encourage the formation of citizens’ councils, particularly for the areas of climate and environmental protection, integration and inclusion.
  • By 2026, we would like to have a simple support and municipal contact point for anyone who wants to volunteer. Premises and a financial budget should be available for this purpose. The application process should be as straightforward as possible.
  • By 2027, we want a digitalized, citizen-oriented and transparent administration with comprehensible forms and a processing status that can be viewed at any time.

ILMENAU think green and act green!

  • We want to double the existing flowering areas by 2026 and convert our forest into a robust mixed forest. We want to give natural watercourses more space for effective water and flood protection.
  • We want the city to participate in a citizens’ energy cooperative by 2029 so that citizens and the municipality can benefit from the local energy transition.
  • As a city, we want to set a good example in climate protection. A comprehensive climate protection concept is crucial for this. We are therefore committed, for example, to equipping all roof surfaces of municipal buildings with photovoltaic systems by 2027.