Election program Arnstadt

Dear Arnstadt residents,

This year we are facing landmark elections in Arnstadt and Thuringia.

We will be voting three times and deciding on our city and district parliaments, the mayor, the state parliament and the European Parliament.

We at BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GRÜNEN are committed to a city in which we can all live well in the future. That is why we are investing in our city now. We are building on renewable local energy production, visibly more urban greenery and sustainable mobility solutions. To make our city fit for the future, we are modernizing Arnstadt – from our schools and infrastructure to digital administration.

Arnstadt should remain a green and liveable city in the future. This requires a forward-looking approach and the will to tackle problems and shape the city and the surrounding area.

Together, we can make Arnstadt a city fit for the future.

That is why we are asking you to vote for BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GRÜNEN on May 26.

Program points that are important to us:

Green Energy

  • Expansion of renewable energies regionally generated balanced wind, solar and biomass mix
  • Solar/ photovoltaic systems also for the city center/ old town
  • Comprehensive network of e-charging stations
  • E-charging stations close to homes – town and village
  • Promotion of agrivoltaics
  • We want to campaign for the education and promotion of more agrivoltaic systems in the agricultural sector. Normal elevated PV systems on fields mean that they can no longer be used for agricultural cultivation. To prevent this, we want to promote agrivoltaic solutions that enable a combination of energy generation and agricultural cultivation. Studies have shown that this is even beneficial for the plants, as they are shaded in summer and therefore require less irrigation.
  • Public participation from wind power yields
  • Wind power is particularly well received when citizens participate directly in the electricity yields. This is why we advocate the participation of affected citizens in profits from wind power yields.
  • Expanding the district heating network

Grünes Klima

  • Planting the green strips with insect-friendly plants
  • Shelter for insects
  • Planting fruit bushes instead of ornamental flowers
  • Future-oriented tree protection statutes
  • Ban on gravel gardens in new buildings
  • Incentives to remove gravel gardens.
  • Nature trail for useful plants and herbs
  • City forest becomes a nature trail,
  • Integration of the future Alteburg playground for forest education – importance of the forest, behavior in the forest, benefits of the forest for humans, animals, environment, ecosystem.
  • Tree sponsorships for the summer (watering of city trees)
  • Future-oriented tree protection statutes
  • Protect more tree species in private and public areas.
  • Generate new and replanting with a view to climate change.
  • Avoid further sealing of areas (e.g. limit soil sealing to an absolute minimum in planned construction measures, use of water-permeable materials for parking areas, no gravel gardens for new buildings, create incentives for appropriate demolition measures).
  • Greenery in the industrial area
  • Demand greening of the industrial area, create possible concepts for implementation, for example, green roofs, tree planting in parking lots, roadside greenery for a better quality of life and stay, reduction of overheating.

Green Mobility

  • Dense and demand-oriented bus network for districts – city
  • Better bus frequency to the rail connection
  • Expansion of footpath and cycle path network in and out of town
  • Traffic-calmed town centers – more space for pedestrians and bicycles
  • Local transport app for Ilmkreis
  • Promote rental mobility (rental bikes, cars)

Green Social and Young People

  • Youth Culture Day
  • Festival Encounter of Cultures
  • Silent hour for supermarkets
  • Creating accessibility for people with physical, mental and neurological illnesses
  • Protection against violence and prevention
  • Implementation of the Istanbul Convention
  • Sheltered housing

Green Animal Welfare

  • Support of animal welfare organizations by the municipality
  • Implementation of resolution “No wild animals on city territory”
  • Animal welfare before entertainment
  • Improvement of species protection
  • Promotion of insects through planting and shelter
  • Nesting boxes and breeding grounds for various bird species
  • No pyrotechnics in the old town area

Green Clean

  • Joining the “Fag-free city” initiative (»Kippenfreie Stadt«)
  • Dog toilets to reduce the amount of waste left behind
  • Comprehensive waste disposal / litter bins also outside the city center
  • Catalog of fines for deliberate soiling of the city and nature